Mobile is no longer about smartphones, it is about a new way of working. Mobile Ecosystems are now becoming a mainstream part of enterprise computing. It is no longer just about the device, but the apps, the app stores, the Multi-Device OS and of course the user experience. Enterprise Mobile Management goes beyond MDM and MAM. 

Mobile Topic Issues

Touch screen mobile phone

• What are the trends impacting Mobile Computing?
• What are the technologies and architectures that make up a mobile ecosystem?
• Who are the vendors that are battling to lead the mobile computing revolution?
•How will enterprises leverage  mobile ecosystems to gain a competitive advantage?

Our view on Mobile is more holistic and less device centric than many traditional analyst firms that look at mobile from a device perspective.




Mobile First is emerging as the new way forward. Designing Applications to be mobile at the outset – (aka Mobile First) is the new way ahead.

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