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As we enter the second half of this decade, technology is shifting away from pure stacks to one of engaging business applications. Cloud used to be the screaming headline. In 2016, apps can talk to each other across and between clouds.

The new battle is for the business buyer. While we are in the midst of incredible innovation in the workplace, because the market is oversaturated with “trends,” apps, and new technologies, it can be difficult to discern what’s game-changing and what’s not.

In each of our six 2016 prediction notes, we will advise you on how to plan for 2016 and the foreseeable future by focusing on what’s driving change across the enterprise: Collaboration, Workplace, Mobile and IoT, Talent and HCM, Content Management, and Enterprise Video. In the end, it’s about what can impact your business—smart enterprises are now using technology as a weapon in the battle to win and grow their business.

Predictions for Collaboration, 2016: Enabling People and Business Processes

The Collaboration market is undergoing tremendous consolidation as merger and acquisition (M&A) activity heats up and technology convergence ensues, impacting how business applications and processes can be collaboration-enabled. Our Predictions for Collaboration, 2016 will help planners across all lines of business decide what to consider when evaluating and investing in collaboration platforms.

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Predictions for the Digital Workplace, 2016: Workplace Success Hinges on Smarter, Mobile, and Interactive Apps

The workplace is changing due to smarter software applications that will emerge online over the next five years. Enterprises need to leverage new classes of applications to drive productivity and business performance. Our Predictions for the Digital Workplace, 2016 will help you decide which apps to consider and which ones to leave behind.

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Predictions for Mobile and the Internet of Things, 2016: Business Transformation Powered by Apps and Connected Devices

As the digital device world heats up, mobile apps will be the new portals to a connected, Internet of Things-enabled world. Our Predictions for Mobile and IoT, 2016 overviews the six predictions that will matter when it comes to streamlining your business processes.

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Predictions for Talent and HCM, 2016: Analytics, Engagement, and Cloud Platforms Dominate

HR and Talent Management professionals constantly monitor levels of employee engagement. Our predictions focus on how predictive analytics will make this much easier, as well as how these new technologies will enable productive, satisfied employees while also attracting high-caliber new talent. 

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Predictions for Content Management, 2016: The Nine Predictions That Will Drive Transformation

Enterprise knowledge workers are creating more content than they have in the past, and they’re sharing that content on a variety of channels and outlets. The need to leverage content, speed up the creation process, and also make security more of an everyday practice, are some of the shifts that our Predictions for Content Management, 2016 reveal.

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Predictions for Enterprise Video, 2016: The Visual Workplace Becomes a Reality

Video is everywhere—your employees and customers are making their own videos and sharing them across content channels. Have you discovered how to leverage video for your enterprise? Our Predictions for Enterprise Video, 2016 will show you how.

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