Special Report: Aragon Research Hot Vendors™ for 2022 (Part 2)

Part II of our Hot Vendors for 2022 recognizes noteworthy, visionary, and innovative vendors in three markets: Computer Vision, Intelligent Contact Centers (ICC), and Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI).

hot vendors 2022

Hot Vendors in Computer Vision, 2022

Computer vision is commonly associated with self-driving cars and security systems, but its use cases are expanding rapidly to encompass fields as diverse as agriculture, medicine, and insurance. Leading computer vision technology providers are transforming the way businesses interact with their customers. In this Research Note, we review trends that are defining the computer vision market in 2022 and evaluate 3 providers that are making a difference in this market. 

Pearl   CrowdAI   Scandit

Hot Vendors in Computer Vision, 2022



Hot Vendors in Intelligent Contact Centers (ICC), 2022

In an era of digital transformation, yesterday's communication methods – such as traditional voice response systems – can't keep up with the needs of the digital enterprise or the rising customer demand for personalized, consistent journeys. Contact centers are evolving into AI-enhanced intelligent contact centers (ICCs) to enable faster interactions, deeper insights, and seamless experiences for both customers and customer service teams.

LiveVox   Gladly   Bright Pattern   Intradiem

Hot Vendors in Intelligent Contact Centers, 2022



Hot Vendors in Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI), 2022

Conversational AI is rapidly becoming more sophisticated, and is on track to enable more effective employees, processes, and enterprises. In this report, Aragon Research identifies four Hot Vendors in Conversational AI that stand out for 2022:

Inbenta   Replicant   Uniphore   Yellow.ai

Hot Vendors in Conversational AI 2022