Special Report: Communicating and Meeting During COVID-19

In our personal lives, virtual celebrations have taken the place of get-togethers and gatherings; take-out has replaced dining-out; and Facetime and Zoom have replaced hang-outs with friends and family due to COVID-19. In our work lives, an overwhelming number of employees now find themselves working from home, and Aragon predicts enterprises will allow up to 40% of the workforce to work remotely 100% of the time by the end of year 2022. 

Enterprises must ensure their employees have the right technologies to meet and communicate effectively. These solutions must be easy-to-use, reliable, and secure, and they should be used to foster engagement among co-workers, partners, and customers. This special report features two research notes that will help you evaluate the right communications and meeting tools for your business. 

Communicating and Meeting During COVID-19
UCC Globe 2020 Cover

With an urgent need for remote work support around the globe today, one of the best ways enterprises can enable their remote teams is through the communication modalities of a UCC platform. While enterprises have historically had best-of-breed capabilities from multiple vendors, because of the work interruptions experienced when switching tools, Aragon suggests looking at the integrated approach offered by the UCC providers evaluated in this report.

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The web and video conferencing market is evolving and meetings are now a critical part of the digital workplace. At the same time, product offerings are changing as web and video conferencing can be purchased standalone or as part of a work hub or UCC platform. Enterprises need to evaluate web and video conferencing providers from two perspectives: the key meeting features and capabilities vs. the broader capabilities the vendor offers in overall unified communications and collaboration. You may need to select more than one vendor due to use cases for webinars, webcasts, and industry vertical solutions. Use this research note to help you make your short list.

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