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Web and Video Conferencing

Aragon views web and video conferencing and its associated use cases as part of the larger unified communications and collaboration (UCC) landscape. Web and video conferencing encompasses company and external capabilities (such as live webcasts and webinars) and team and department capabilities (such as web and video conferencing and room-based video conferencing).

Web and video conferencing has undergone major upheaval as newer players emerge with lower cost, cloud-based offerings, which in turn challenge existing providers to innovate. The convergence point of cloud and mobile impacts the collaboration market as a whole.

Enterprises are realizing they can achieve significant savings by combining web, audio, and video conferencing. The expansion of software-based web conferencing to include video has caused a collision. WebRTC is enabling the creation of more video-enabled business applications (VEBAs) focused on specific business scenarios. New use cases and higher quality video should create more demand, particularly after the H.265/VP9 generation of codecs starts to arrive.