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Digital Transaction Management (DTM)

Digital transaction management

Digital Transaction Management (DTM) is a business application that uses cloud-based software and services to digitally manage a wide range of document-centric business processes involving people, documents, data, and transactions both inside and outside the firewall.

DTM goes beyond content and document management to include eSignatures, authentication and nonrepudiation, document transfer and certification, secure archiving that goes beyond records management, and a variety of meta-processes around managing electronic transactions and the documents associated with them.

DTM is all about the shift from paper to digital documents and business processes associated with transactions. As more business activity goes all-digital from end to end, the speed, efficiency, security, and accountability of all business processes will increase, and the automation of an entire document's lifecycle will be expected.

Advanced DTM—what we also call workflow and content automation (WCA)—addresses the shift from content or document management to content automation.