Special Report: COVID-19 Accelerates the Shift to Digital Document Processes

Digital transformation for many businesses had already begun when COVID-19 hit, but the pandemic accelerated the shift and made it much more urgent as remote work increased. Enterprises are seeking business methods that are seamless and efficient, and can be done from anywhere. Document processes are one of the processes that enterprises must consider digitally transforming and taking online. 

Use cases for digital document processes can vary between industries. The use cases also range from customer-facing to employee-facing, but all have one goal in mind: make processes digital and smooth. For retail, financial services, and banking, delivering new, low-code mobile experiences that allow for a seamless and paperless experience is a must. For healthcare, digital health portals are rising up as a replacement for manual check-ins and paper forms. Patients can now have all of their documentation, including COVID-19 documentation, signed and filled before even setting foot into the office. For sales organizations, contracts are moving online, allowing the sales process to be shorter and more efficient. 

Covid-19 Accelerates the Shift to Digital Document Processes

Digital transaction management (DTM) aids in this shift to digital document processes by helping enterprises take their transactions online, as well as digitally manage and securely store large amounts of documents. When transactions are digital, and even mobile-enabled, they occur faster, are easier, and lead to higher customer satisfaction. This can be critical for onboarding remote employees and allowing remote customers to sign any necessary documents.

After implementing DTM, the next step for enterprises is workflow and content automation (WCA), another key aspect of digital transformation in relation to document and transaction processes. WCA helps enterprises automate the creation and routing of content, therefore accelerating how quickly information flows between enterprises, people, and important business systems to shorten process cycle times and increase accuracy (compared to old, manual processes). 

The resources below will help you clarify and implement your DTM and WCA strategies, which will help you see smoother, more efficient processes. This can lead to happier customers and employees—who will find they save ample time by not having to use paper-based processes. With the help of these reports, you’ll:

  • Understand the importance of DTM and WCA for digital transformation
  • Understand the benefits of taking your document process online
  • Evaluate vendors for both markets and determine the strengths of each

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Tech Arc for DTM and ECP

The need to manage and securely store large amounts of documents is transforming the enterprise and DTM is a likely agent in the push to keep business processes completely digital. This fourth edition of the Aragon Research Technology Arc™ for Digital Transaction Management and Enterprise Content will help you:

  • Identify important technologies
  • Choose which technologies to monitor
  • Determine the potential benefits of each
  • Decide when, why, and how you should adopt these technologies

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Globe for WCA

Workflow and content automation (WCA) is becoming a key plank in digital transformation due. The benefits of WCA include the speed and ease of executing business processes due to automating the creation and routing of content—all with a low code to no code approach. This allows organizations to eliminate old manual processes that slow down productivity. This report evaluates fourteen key providers that are leading the changes in the WCA market.

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Globe for DTM 2021

Aragon Research releases its fifth Aragon Research Globe™ for Digital Transaction Management (DTM), a market that has enabled paperless transactions during the COVID era. The DTM Globe examines 21 major providers who are helping to digitize both customer and employee transactions.

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