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People-Centric Collaboration (PCC)

People-centric collaboration (PCC) is about enabling seamless communications and collaboration. It allows for calls that are both voice-based and video-based; it enables meetings with users and rooms; it is about the shift from instant messaging to mobile messaging, which we have termed team collaboration.

Aragon feels that there is a need to put people at the center of unified communications and collaboration (UCC), which is more about people-centric collaboration than channel-specific UCC. Phone calling and emailing are only part of the communications equation.

For example, sales representatives know that today’s customers are busy, and trying to schedule a sales appointment has become much harder. Customers might not have time to look over every email or return a missed phone call—and they might not want to, either. When it comes to outreach, the efforts made must be omnichannel and take into account the technology that customers increasingly want to use, such as messaging and video. A UCC platform should provide different areas of the business with multiple forms of outreach capabilities in order to successfully compete in today’s digital world.

For these reasons, the UCC market is in a transitional state, and use cases, along with the addition of of intelligence (such as predictive and prescriptive analytics) will drive the market's evolution toward an integrated UCC offering that leverages seamless, omnichannel communication.