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Sales Enablement Platform (SEP)

The sales enablement platform (SEP) streamlines and condenses the digital tools that sales professionals use in the sales process. This includes content management, communications, and real-time analytics. SEPs are alternatively known as a digital work hub for sales, or as an "office for sales."

In addition to the core customer relationship management (CRM) system, sales enablement platforms will be the key software platform for sales professionals. During a sale, salespeople need many tools and procedures to prepare for and engage with, so SEPs tackle the lifecycle of the selling process, including key internal and customer engagement processes.

Sales automation is shifting focus from the internals of sales management toward more substantive elements of sales communications and engagement that will improve closing rates and business outcomes. Being able to onboard sales reps, communicate with customers, and share the right content at the right time are some of what SEPs can do to enhance the sales process. For more, head to our coverage page on sales enablement.