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Predictive Lead Scoring (PLS)

Predictive lead scoring (PLS), similar to predictive forecasting (PF), represents one of the faster-growing business applications for sales leaders. When implemented properly, PLS can predict whether or not a sales lead will close by establishing a profile for buyer behavior based on past deals.

Sales is one of the last bastions of personal insight and intuition in the enterprise. Applying advanced analytics to lead management will improve the predictability and accountability of the sales process, moving it from art toward science.

Firms such as Box have used PLS to drive much faster growth and many other firms are leveraging the power of PLS as well. Enterprises that use PLS generally have a faster growth rate than ones that do not. Leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform provider Salesforce introduced predictive lead scoring as part of its spring '17 release through its artificial intelligence (AI) layer called Einstein, which is offered at an additional cost to Salesforce customers.