Special Report: Transforming Sales Processes With Sales Enablement Platforms

While the world continues to become more digital, due to the pandemic, sales organizations are learning and adjusting to digital selling. Sales leaders are realizing digital selling opens the door to reach more prospects, creating massive growth for their organizations. But in order to achieve this, sales organizations need the correct supportive tools.

Sales Enablement Platforms (SEP) combine sales content management and sales communications into one platform creating an "office of sales".  SEPs allow sales professionals to manage and share content in a multitude of forms, communicate with the customer via email, phone, messaging, and video, and understand engagement via advanced content analytics. SEPs tackle the entire lifecycle of the selling process, including key internal and customer engagement processes, which is why they are becoming a key software platform and the new digital work hub for all sales professionals.


Transforming Sales Processes With Sales Enablement Platforms
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"The SEP market has grown substantially over the last six years. It is now a de facto part of the sales tech stack. While there is still a bifurcation in the market, in that there are content- focused providers and communication-focused ones, the market is now poised for the next part of its evolution—the shift to intelligence." - CEO and Lead Analyst Jim Lundy

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Aragon’s fourth Aragon Research Globe ™ for sales enablement platforms examines 14 major providers in a market category that has become the de facto digital work hub for sales professionals. While the market is still split between sales content automation and sales communications, the market is shifting to become more intelligent, via AI.

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Sales enablement providers offer enterprises streamlined platforms that incorporate all the necessary tools for digital selling. Aragon has identified 3 vendors in sales enablement that are making a difference in the market.

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