The Perfect Storm in Enterprise Video: Healthcare Use Cases Are Still Being Discovered

In our recent research note titled “The Perfect Storm in Enterprise Video: Act Now or Get Left Behind“, we identified a new era of Pervasive Video. This blog focuses on the Video usage trends we are seeing in the Healthcare sector. We had an interesting client conversation today about video in healthcare and what the […]

Video Where it Matters and Polycom


By Jim Lundy We visited Polycom’s new executive experience center (EEC) this week and got a chance to see several demos highlighting specific use cases for video enabled business applications (VEBAs). Polycom is focusing more on VEBAs, which we think will be crucial in the next era of video collaboration, when video meets people where […]

Learning Podcast – Learning Resurgence in 2013

Learning Podcast

Welcome to our  first Aragon Research Podcast an overview of our Learning and Social HCM Coverage. We are the experts in Learning and Knowledge and we know what it takes to develop a comprehensive Learning program. Our expert moderator, Aragon Associate Patricia Lundy gets us started with a deep dive into our Learning coverage.  Also, make […]

Yahoo Throws Down a Gauntlet in Storage Wars, Targets Facebook

By Jim Lundy I turned on the TV in my hotel room yesterday and bam! – there was Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer on Good Morning America pitching the new, revamped Flickr photo-sharing site (Yahoo has owned Flickr since 2005). It looked clean, but the bigger story she was telling was: one free terabyte of storage! – […]

The Return of Mzinga in Learning and Social Marketing

By Jim Lundy We watch and analyze markets and two of those include Learning as part of Talent and Social HCM, as well as the rising category of Social Business. When you watch markets, it also involves watching technology providers One of the technology providers that participates in multiple Social Markets is Mzinga. In 2013, […]

What Enterprises Should Learn from Citrix Adding Real-time to Podio

To view a PDF of this First Cut, click here. Author:  Jim Lundy Topics: Collaboration, Social Issue:  Who are the collaboration providers and how will they evolve? Issue: How will the social HCM market evolve? Summary: Citrix announced new real-time collaboration capabilities for its social networking platform, Podio. This signals a trend toward integrating real-time collaboration and social […]

Adobe Creative Suite Goes Cloud as Microsoft Hedges Bets with Office


By Jim Lundy Adobe made headlines the other day when they announced that all future enhancements to their Creative Suite will only be made on its Creative Cloud version only. Note, they are still selling Creative Suite 6 as a traditional shrink-wrapped bundle, which is what Adobe has always been known for. However, with their […]

IBM Impact 2013: Making Business Mobile

IBM Impact

By Mike Anderson IBM held its Impact 2013 event in Las Vegas this week. More than 9,000 people attended, and the interest as well as energy levels were high. Behind the multitude of sessions that addressed all areas of IBM systems from application development to new hardware, mobile was the centerpiece. The focus was not […]

Sales Execution: There are no shortcuts to Success


By Jim Lundy IBM CEO Virginia Rometti had to shuffle her sales staff last week after IBM’s hardware division missed its sales number by 17%. That isn’t a small miss. There are many lessons learned from IBM’s move that other CEOs could learn from. This blog post is about Sales execution. First, I spent my […]

Windows 8 and the PC Industry Both Fail To Impress

Windows 8 Computers

By Mike Anderson News from the PC industry has been bleak, with reports that sales volumes not only declined but that they have fallen by more than 10%. Microsoft has felt its share of the pain, and Windows 8 has taken some of the blame for the decline. Windows 8 didn’t cause or even significantly accentuate […]

iPhone 5S: Rumors versus Predictions

iPhone 5s

By Jim Lundy It is that time of year and all the Apple watchers are loading up their blogs with iPhone 5S rumors to drive viewers to their respective sites.  There is no doubt that the iPhone 5S is coming. That said, iOS 7 is coming too and on the day it launches, the beauty of […]

Gaming, Tablets and Learning: What a difference a Year Makes

Figure 1. Original image from Real Racing HD2 (EA Sports).

By Jim Lundy Having covered Corporate Learning for years, I’ve become a student of Gaming and Simulations. I was very surprised to see the enhanced quality of some games on my iPad 4. This was after having watched the Sony PlayStation announcement just a few weeks ago. This blog post discusses advances in gaming on […]

Facebook Home: Good for Users and Android; Bad for Google and Business

Facebook Home

by Mike Anderson There has been an amazing level of speculation and hype about Facebook introducing their own mobile smartphone. Even though Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly denied that making the phone hardware either made sense for Facebook, or aligned with its business strategy, the rumor mills persisted.  With its announcement of Home today, Facebook has […]

BlackBerry Overhaul Delivers in 2013: Collapse or Comeback?


By Mike Anderson RIM, now BlackBerry, has taken a beating that has done nothing but worsen since the introduction of Apple’s iPhone in 2007. It’s response in 2012 has resulted in nothing short of a massive overhaul, from management to cost structure to product strategy. BlackBerry has created of a new strategy with a new […]

SumTotal Beefs Up Executive Team to Leverage its Learning Heritage


By Jim Lundy SumTotal Systems was taken private in 2009 by Vista Equity Partners for roughly $160 Million. Lots of things happened after that deal. It moved its Company Headquarters to Gainesville, Florida and it hired a new CEO John Borgerding, a Xerox veteran. John and I were both at Xerox at the same time, but […]

Enterprise Connect 2013: Shifting from UC to Video

Enterprise Connect

By Jim Lundy I attended the Enterprise Connect 2013 event this week in Orlando. If last year was about VOIP, this year the entire focus was on video. A majority of technology providers that were present at Enterprise Connect  were talking about and demonstrating their video solutions. Many startups showed how they are leveraging WebRTC in […]

WordPress and the Battle to become your CMS


By Jim Lundy There is a battle raging for the control of your website and the growth of Open Source CMS providers like WordPress is exploding (note, CMS is also referred to as Web Content Management (WCM)). WCM Vendors want to win and they get their fare share of websites, yet they haven’t stopped the […]

Social Learning – Going beyond the LMS

Social Learning

By Jim Lundy We just published our Learning Trends for 2013 and one thing is clear: the days of only focusing on the LMS are winding down. The rise of informal Learning – which is called Social Learning is here. Learning and Development Professionals have always used tools to get learners to collaborate. Often it […]

Saba in Transition: Five Facts You Should Know


By Jim Lundy Saba Software announced today that Founder and CEO Bobby Yazdani was stepping down. This isn’t the first time that Bobby has stepped down from Saba. He stepped down from the CEO role in the early 2000s and returned in 2004. I know because I covered Saba then and still cover them now. On […]

Yahoo, Innovation and High Performance Teams


By Jim Lundy The announcement about the change in the Remote Work policy last week at Yahoo by CEO Marissa Mayer was met with howls and screams by many. Yet for companies that are growing and innovating, why do they make people show up at an Office? Can’t Collaboration Technologies solve everything? Not when it […]