Peoplefluent Wisdom Summarized in Four Words: CEO, Social, Mobile, Video


By Jim Lundy We attended the Peoplefluent Wisdom Conference last week in Orlando. There was a lot that occurred in our short time at the event. In fact, the event itself was well executed. It was held at the Disney Yacht and Beach Convention Center, which is an excellent venue. The event had some of […]

Innovation and the PC Era at Microsoft: Ballmer Watched as Apple grew


By Jim Lundy This post, when you break it down, is about Innovation. The contestants are Apple and Microsoft.  Steve Ballmer is now a short timer at Microsoft. He is due to  retire as CEO in less than twelve months. One aspect of Steve’s tenure that can’t be overlooked is the unstoppable growth of Apple during Steve’s 13 […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 – Why The Best Demo I’ve Ever Had Wasn’t A Demo


Oracle OpenWorld has taken over San Francisco this week! Often we go to technology conferences and are clamored with multiple demos showing the speeds and feeds of new products. And as we all have witnessed, sometimes the demos go well and other times, well, not so good!  However, what I want to address is that […]

Summarizing BoxWorks in Three Words: Scale, Apps, IPO


By Jim Lundy We attended Box’s third annual customer and analyst BoxWorks conference this week, which was held at the Hilton in San Francisco. It was a far different event than last year in a myriad of ways, particularly in size and scope. Box is on a mission and it showed this year. This blog […]

Mobile Content Management can’t be ignored

By Jim Lundy The world of content management is changing and changing fast. The Mobile Content Management (MCM) era is here, and it’s going to cause disruption in multiple markets. This post talks about MCM and our forthcoming fall research agenda, which we just announced. First, we have covered Enterprise Mobile since the founding of Aragon Research, […]

Wearable Computing – The Smartwatch And The App Personality Matrix


Wearable computing is about to change mobile in ways we haven’t thought of yet. However, devices without apps are honestly just soulless pieces of hardware that have no real purpose. Infuse devices with apps that are useful and intuitive to individuals and you have a potential matrix that is an extension of the user. Watching the […]

Stephen Elop as the next CEO of Microsoft?

Stephen Elop

By Jim Lundy The ink isn’t even dry and now rumors are swirling about Stephen Elop taking over the reigns at Microsoft. The person who started the rumors is none other than Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it was buying the Nokia Phone business for just over $5 Billion. In the fine […]

Email Wars: Microsoft Fires Storage Salvo at Google

Email Wars

By Jim Lundy The Email Wars are back. Microsoft attacked Google yesterday, the first time I’ve seen a move at the product feature level that puts Google on the defensive.  Yesterday, Microsoft announced it was expanding the Mailbox storage for Exchange Online Users from 25 GB to 50 GB, effective immediately. This includes all editions […]

Is UC Old School, Going Through Growing Pains Or Just About To Graduate?


UC (Unified Communications) has been declared a maturing market by many industry experts. However, is what we are calling a maturing market really UC? I’ve been following communications and collaboration for over 15 years and the promise of UC has never fully been realized. The reason may just be that what was promised is not what […]

Founder Departures: Apple and Microsoft face similar Innovation Challenges


By Jim Lundy Oracle CEO Larry Ellison did a Television interview with CBS News earlier this week and besides revealing his 25 year friendship with Steve Jobs, he offered an opinion that Apple will not do as well without Steve Jobs. I watched that interview carefully and after analyzing what Larry said, I realized that […]

Silicon Valley – the Movers and Shakers in Marketing


By Jim Lundy Often when it comes to technology executives, the focus is on the C-Level, but there are lots of people that make them look good. There are new movers and shakers in Silicon Valley, particularly at the marketing level. We interact with many people and as time moves on, people move up the chain. […]

Social Business is here: Jive and HootSuite make the Wall of Fame

By Jim Lundy In 2013, Social is shifting away from a cobbled together bunch of features to a set of offerings that allow people to get work done. We call it Social Business and to net it out, it is the desire to get work done, work that involves other people and has people as […]

Business Managers want better Training: Learning from Xerox


By Jim Lundy This isn’t a new story about Corporate Learning, but it is one that is repeated time and time again. The Learning and Development (L&D) department may miss the mark or may be out of touch with what the business feels is the need to train their respective audience (e.g. Sales, Service, Support). […]

Microsoft Reorg 2013: The End of the Microsoft Office Division

Microsoft Reorg 2013

By Jim Lundy Microsoft announced its 2013 restructuring today and with it came a few departures, namely the President of the Microsoft Office Division,  Kurt DelBene. Very little mention was made of Kurt’s departure, except that Qu Liu, who ran Microsoft’s Search Business is now running the Applications and Services Engineering Group. Putting aside that Delbene […]

Cloud Computing – Making Money just got harder thanks to Oracle and Salesforce


By Jim Lundy Oracle and Salesforce just made Cloud Computing harder for everyone else. What? Yes, Oracle, by giving some incredible pricing to Salesforce for its Oracle Database offering, just made the business of Cloud Computing harder for everyone else. This blog is about Cloud Computing and how hard it is for many vendors to […]

Siemens and The Journey Beyond UC: Social, Real-time and Business Processes Unite

Denver Sunrise

Siemens Enterprise Communications announced at its analyst summit this week in Denver, Colorado, a new direction for the company in real-time and Social collaboration, with a new initiative code named Project Ansible. The Summit venue itself was great with an awesome view of the Denver sunrise! While some specific details of the announcements from the […]

MacBook Air 2013 – Three Reasons it is the new Laptop Standard

Macbook Air

By Jim Lundy Last week at Apple’s WWDC, Apple announced new models of its pioneering MacBook Air laptop computer.  There was so much focus on iOS 7 at that event that most seem to have missed what we feel may be a new standard in PCs. This post is about why we feel the MacBook […]

Cisco Collaboration US Tour Summarized in Three Words: Cloud, Collaboration, Mobile

Cisco Collaboration

By Jim Lundy For four weeks in April and May, I was on the road sharing Aragon’s views of Collaboration at the Cisco Collaboration US Tour.  Lane Cooper of Network World moderated the events and they spanned eight cities. The Blog summarizes a few of the key findings from the Cisco Collaboration US Tour. The […]

Apple WWDC 2013 Recap: Apple is Innovating

Apple WWDC

By Jim Lundy Apple held its keynote at its annual Worldwide Developer conference yesterday. The keynote by CEO Tim Cook was broadcast live via, a first for Apple. This blog post talks about some of the key observations we took away from the event. Apple is Innovating It is clear with advances in its […]

Government Espionage will Slow the Migration to Public Cloud

Public CLoud

By Jim Lundy We have written about Government sponsored espionage in the past and at the same time we also cover Cloud, including Public Cloud providers. Much of it was focused on attacks on high tech companies in the attempt to steal information about their products and services. We know that some of those attacks […]