The Key to Efficient B2B Meeting Management

In the digital era, traditional approaches to strategic B2B meetings—which are still essential to business growth—are no longer enough. While business communications has shifted toward a people-centric approach by way of mobile collaboration, users still demand technology that can automate and augment the tasks associated with scheduling face-to-face meetings.

With critical data locked in legacy calendar, spreadsheet, and collaboration applications, a meeting automation platform (MAP) offers an alternative that automates pre-meeting planning and logistics, in-meeting monitoring, and post-meeting analysis and follow-up.

We advise our clients on how to get started with a meeting automation platform in order to streamline business processes.



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Automation Means Better Meeting ROI

Improving the quality of B2B meetings—and not just quantity—will improve the percentage of positive outcomes, and in turn, accelerate business growth.

MAPs offer numerous capabilities that allow enterprises to effectively manage meetings, briefings, and large-scale conferences, including automated scheduling, compliance assurance, analytics, and integration via APIs. Additionally, as the MAP market grows, artificial intelligence technologies will further help users predict, conduct, and assess meeting touchpoints.

Adding an MAP to an enterprise application portfolio goes beyond the customer relationship management or marketing automation platform to focus on the effectiveness of meetings, optimize staff time, and speed up time to revenue.

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What Are the Tactical Benefits of a Meeting Automation Platform?

Legacy meeting processes represent a critical opportunity for digital transformation, as one of the biggest issues that limits the speed of meeting outcomes is the current calendaring process tied to office suites. Meeting automation platforms, driven by the demand for seamless customer journeys, enable enterprises to better manage and measure B2B meetings.


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