Special Report: Using Conversational AI to Transform Your Customer Interactions

Communication is a key component of business. The interactions between an enterprise and its customers and the quality of those interactions determines the growth of the business. Conversational AI can be utilized to improve these interactions, therefore improving the customer experience and generating more revenue. 

As customers become increasingly comfortable with interacting with machines, it is important to understand how utilizing conversational AI can transform your customer interactions. These platforms are evolving to become preferable for customers due to three main factors:

  • Convenience: Conversational AI interactions require low effort from customers and offer quick, accurate responses from the platform. These tools also offer constant availability to customers, something that humans alone cannot offer.
  • Personalization: Conversational AI tools are able to understand the context surrounding a customer interaction. This happens through machine learning.
  • Self-Service: People are becoming accustomed to less interaction with human help, and they prefer to research your products and services on their own. This process can be quicker and more helpful if it is automated.
Special Report: Using Conversational AI to Transform Your Customer Interactions

Good customer service ultimately leads to higher lead conversion and increased revenue. Implementing conversational AI allows your organization to interact with more customers and become more adept at meeting their immediate needs. The data gathered from Conversational AI tools also allows sales teams to gain more insights about the customer journey.

This special report provides research that can help you prepare for the growth of the Conversational AI market and how to utilize it to improve your customer interactions.

Conversational AI Maturity Model

As time goes on, more and more interactions with companies involve the exchange of information with an automated system. The quality of these interactions becomes the defining factor in the satisfaction of your customers. This note will help you navigate the emerging AI-driven conversational interface technologies and the opportunities they present for your business.

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A Roadmap for Conversational AI

Enterprise application users are becoming comfortable using Conversational AI in their personal lives, leading them to demand natural language interfaces in the enterprise. This note establishes a process that developers can follow when they decide to add a conversational interface to a new or existing application.

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Hot Vendors in Conversational AI, 2019

Conversational AI has the ability to transform the relationship between an enterprise and its customers or users. This research note outlines the trends accelerating the adoption of conversational AI and the benefits of adopting a conversational interface. It also profiles five vendors who offer tools, platforms, or services to help firms improve customer and internal effectiveness using conversational AI.

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