Special Report: How to Win at Sales in 2016

When sales is not delivering on its objectives, it can dramatically impact the rest of the firm. Thankfully there are a few new areas of sales applications that have arisen over the past year. These applications frequently target the most common problems sales professionals face – such as spending hours drafting a proposal or searching for the right document – helping them get to results, and thus increase their revenue, much faster.

sales special report


When it comes to marketing, there needs to be a facilitated outreach and strategy between sales and marketing, to make sure that prospective customer engagement is aligning with the content and deliverables that marketing is promoting. Our Special Report How to Win at Sales in 2016 highlights two Research Notes that will advise sales professionals and sales leaders on what applications they need to be integrating into their existing sales strategy.

Predictions for Sales and Marketing, 2016

In 2016, the pressure to deliver in both Sales and Marketing is reaching intense levels. Both areas of the enterprise need to take action to help their organization reach higher levels of performance and engagement. Our Predictions for Sales and Marketing 2016 offers ten predictions that will help sales and marketing professionals focus on their current and future technology decisions.

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Segmenting Sales Enablement: New Business Apps Are Powering Increased Sales Results

The sheer number of Sales Enablement tools available, coupled with the explosive growth of this market, can generate confusion for sales professionals and for sales operations, who need to figure out which tools are right for them to buy. This Research Note identifies the key applications that comprise Sales Enablement, with the goal of helping help sales professionals better understand what options are available to them.

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Aragon Research Technology Arc™ for Sales and Marketing, 2016

The race to digitize the sales organization goes far beyond pipeline tracking in a CRM application. The term sales enablement is becoming the new mantra for sales leaders and for many software providers, who are putting forth new applications to bolster sales productivity. On the marketing front, best of breed is still the dominant way that organizations buy. Larger firms are attracted to the growing marketing suite platforms, which are fueling additional investment in new best of breed tools that eventually get sold to suite providers. This report will help you identify important technologies in both sales and marketing, choose which ones to monitor, and determine their potential benefits. It also adds extra dimensions that will help you to decide when, why, and how you should adopt them.

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