Aragon's Top 10 Predictions: Strategically Preparing for 2020

Our big themes for 2020 and beyond cover the impact of enhanced automation in the workforce and the impact social networking will have on how social communities are formed and controlled. We expect the technology of surveillance to grow enormously. Direct connectivity to the cloud continues at a rapid pace. Team collaboration and web meetings will continue to merge while this entire area continues to lag in true convergence of the various individual and group communications options. Digital business has come to the point where some organizations will soon meet criteria that show they are fully implemented as a digital organization. And lastly, we expect security threats to become even more subtle and disguised—challenging even the most resourced security teams to defeat expected threats.

This eBook provides an overview of Aragon’s top ten predictions for 2020 and beyond, and tips on how to prepare for them.

[eBook] Aragon's Top 10 Predictions

Aragon Research's Top 10 Predictions for 2020

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