Event Setback Schedule Template

Event Setback Schedule Template

Planning a corporate event is challenging. There are so many details to consider from pre-event planning, to day-of actions, to post-event recap and follow ups. There are people you must contact, logistics you must sort through, and advertising campaigns you must run.

We know that the recent COVID-19 has only added to the event-planning challenges as events are being cancelled, postponed, and made virtual all around the world. Whether you are planning an event from scratch or re-planning a postponed event, this complimentary Event Setback Schedule Template is a great place to start. It includes:

  • Key actions you must take before, during, and after your event
  • People you should contact while planning your event
  • Checklist function to keep track of your event planning progress

So Your Event Got Postponed... What Should You Do? 

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