Digital Transformation Depends on Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture (EA) has emerged as a critical discipline to help enterprises align their assets with their business strategy. It works to bridge the gap between strategy and execution by delivering business outcome-focused roadmaps, models, and frameworks that enable balanced and informed investment decisions. Today, the pervasiveness of technology and the pace of innovation have made it more important than ever for enterprises to adhere to the guidance EA provides.

digital transformation depends on EA
measuring value of EA

How Can You Measure the Value of Enterprise Architecture?

Since EA guides and informs investments and decision-making, it can be difficult to fully measure its direct impact. However, CIOs and other business leaders can use a combination of both direct and indirect methods to measure the success of EA. These include selecting several metrics that support a given business outcome and measuring EA against those metrics, as well as softer metrics, such as surveying internal and partner organizations.

Complimentary Webinar

Digital Transformation Begins with Enterprise Architecture
Betsy Burton, VP Research and Aragon Fellow

Where's enterprise architecture (EA) headed in 2020? Join this complimentary webinar on May 22nd at 10 am PT/1 pm ET to learn how EA is influencing digital transformation and how it will affect your investment planning.



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