New Technologies Are Disrupting the Financial Services Industry

It's critical for financial services leaders to successfully transform how their business operates, with the goal of improving efficiency, reducing costs, and speeding up time to revenue. With new technologies that are ripe for adoption—such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital transaction management, innovation management, and smart contracts—it is more exciting than ever to begin transforming processes that are threatening to hold your business back.

Get started by understanding the key imperatives for financial services leaders and the technology use cases you need to examine.


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How Aragon Research Can Help

Aragon Research's advisory, consulting, and research services provide financial services leaders with the tools they need to understand the emerging trends in fintech, how these important technologies will help them meet their critical business goals, and how to convince their teams and other key leaders to embrace the path to innovation.


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Introduction to Innovation Management for Financial Services


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Digital Transformation in Financial Services

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Financial Services Research

digital transaction management

The Aragon Research Globe™ for Digital Transaction Management, 2019
December 19, 2018

Summary: These providers offer DTM applications, which use cloud-based software and services to digitally manage a wide range of document-centric business processes. This note evaluates 19 major DTM providers. Read More >

Hot Vendors™ in Team Collaboration, 2018

Hot Vendors™ in Team Collaboration, 2018
October 19, 2018

Summary: Today, enabling team collaboration across industries and via mobile isn't enough; users will expect security and privacy from providers, especially in financial services. This research note highlights three secure platforms. Read More >

Managing Critical Content in Financial Services

Managing Critical Content in Financial Services
December 13, 2018

Summary: Some transactions, such as lending and their underlying documents, are a significant source of revenue. Therefore, the need to manage and protect documents tied to mortgages, loans, and leases is greater than ever before. Read More >

Blockchain and DTM: Evaluating Identity, Signatures, and Smart Contracts

Blockchain and DTM: Evaluating Identity, Signatures, and Smart Contracts
February 15, 2018

Summary: The promise of blockchain, when used correctly, offers the potential for true innovation in digital transaction management. This research note overviews blockchain and three key use cases in DTM. Read More >

Financial Services Blogs

Artificial Intelligence vs. Blockchain: Two Innovative Approaches to Digital Transaction Management
January 26, 2018

This blog overviews how artificial intelligence and blockchain provide two different approaches to digital transaction management. Read More >

Digital Transformation In Financial Services Putting Customers First

Digital Transformation in Financial Services: Putting Customers First
July 5, 2019

This blog explains the need for digital growth within the financial services sector, what’s holding it back, and how to accelerate it. Read More >

artificial intelligence industry

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing, Pharma, and Financial Services
January 17, 2018

Executive leaders need to examine practical use cases to put AI to work in their enterprise, informed, in part, by their industry. Read More >